Voices Remembered: Honoring Alicia Hawkins-Porter

Voices Remembered: Honoring Alicia Hawkins-Porter

Alicia Hawkins-Porter (35), faced life head-on with a spirit that never backed down. Her smile lit up every room, and her energy was just contagious. Being a waitress meant more to Alicia than just a job; it brought her loyal customers and friendships that lasted a lifetime.

She loved simple things – singing at karaoke, fishing, camping, and hanging out with family and friends. Alicia was a straight-up person with a heart of gold. Even when things were tough for her, she never forgot to check on others. Her selfless nature, lively spirit, and determination will be remembered by everyone she touched. Whether she was singing her heart out or enjoying the outdoors, she lived life to the fullest.

Family and friends meant everything to Alicia. She “kept it real” and loved everyone with all her heart. What made her special was not just her enthusiasm but her caring nature. Even when she had her own struggles, Alicia always found time to check in on others, offering support and kindness.

Her kindness, strong spirit, and determination are an inspiration to us all. We celebrate a life well-lived – a life that touched many hearts. May Alicia’s spirit continue to shine in the memories of those who knew and loved her.”

Written by Family-Friend: Niki Powell-Cottman, Founder, We Fight Foundation and Rally Up Magazine

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