Leading the Charge: Our Executive Director’s Impact on Mental Health

Leading the Charge: Our Executive Director’s Impact on Mental Health

We are thrilled to share the latest activities and accomplishments of our esteemed Executive Director and Co-founder, T-Kea Blackman, MPS, CPRS. Known for her unwavering commitment to mental health advocacy, T-Kea continues to make significant strides in promoting mental wellness and resilience.

Guest Appearance on Our Voices

Recently, T-Kea was featured as a guest on Our Voices, a widely watched program that airs across several African countries. During her appearance, she shared her personal lived experiences with mental health and the inspiring story behind the founding of our organization. Her candid discussion aimed to break down the stigma surrounding mental health and to encourage others to seek help and support. In a special segment, T-Kea was joined by Dr. Dixon Chibanda, a renowned Zimbabwean psychiatrist. Dr. Chibanda has been making remarkable progress in addressing mental health issues in Africa, particularly through innovative and accessible approaches like the Friendship Bench project. The conversation between T-Kea and Dr. Chibanda highlighted the importance of community-based mental health solutions and the potential for these methods to be adapted and implemented globally.

Leadership Summit at Charles Herbert Flowers High School

On Wednesday, June 12, 2024, T-Kea took her message of resilience and empowerment to the youth at Charles Herbert Flowers High School. She led a dynamic workshop on cultivating resilience during their annual Leadership Summit. The workshop provided students with practical strategies to build emotional strength and navigate life’s challenges effectively. T-Kea’s engaging and empathetic approach resonated deeply with the attendees, inspiring them to become more resilient leaders in their own right. At the conclusion of the event, the students also presented T-Kea with a certificate of appreciation.