BREAKING NEWS! Our Organization’s Billboard Debut!

BREAKING NEWS! Our Organization’s Billboard Debut!

In a powerful move to challenge and change the narrative around suicide and mental health, Black People Die By Suicide Too is thrilled to announce our participation in the  Live for Thomas campaign. This initiative aims to reframe the concept of “strength,” emphasizing that true strength lies in seeking help when needed. As part of this campaign, our Co-founders, T-Kea Blackman and Jordan Scott are featured on a billboard in Rising Sun, Maryland.

Reframing “Strong”: A New Narrative

For too long, societal norms have dictated that showing emotion or asking for help is a sign of weakness. This damaging stereotype has contributed to a culture of silence around mental health challenges. This campaign seeks to dismantle this stigma by redefining what it means to be “strong.”

Strength is not about bearing burdens in silence; it is about recognizing when you need support and having the courage to ask for it. By featuring our co-founders on the billboard, we aim to humanize this message, inspire others to take that crucial first step towards seeking help, and highlight the significance of peer recovery specialists in mental health treatment.

“Peer recovery specialists are the lifelines in dark moments, offering hope, understanding, and a path forward, revolutionizing mental health support.” – T-Kea and Jordan

The Importance of the Billboard Campaign

The billboard in Cecil County is more than just an advertisement; it is a beacon of hope and a call to action. It serves as a visible reminder that:

  • You are not alone. Many people experience struggles, and reaching out is a sign of strength.
  • Talking to someone can make a significant difference in your mental well-being.
  • Support is available. Whether it’s through friends, family, clinical treatment, or peer support, there are resources ready to assist you.
  • Take it one day at a time. Progress is a journey, and every step counts.
  • Never be afraid to get help. It is one of the bravest things you can do.

How You Can Help

You can support this campaign and help spread the message by:

  • Sharing information about the campaign on social media.
  • Encouraging open conversations about mental health within your community.
  • Volunteering with or donating to Black People Die By Suicide Too or Live for Thomas to help end mental health stigma and prevent suicide.

Join Us in Breaking the Stigma

Together, we can change the narrative and create a supportive environment where seeking help is seen as a sign of strength. Visit Live for Thomas‘ website to learn more about the campaign.